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According to Pillow one of the three biggest trends in apartment amenities in 2018 was “increased convenience”; making life easier for tenants. The strong focus was “improving day-to-day life through convenience.” Conveniences are traditionally centered around concierge services, car services such as parking spaces and charging stations, and valet services of varying types. (www.pillow.com) However, while convenience certainly makes a mark, it is the fitness center that still dominates. Survey after survey will confirm that fitness centers rank first among community amenities. Couple that with running trails and yoga classes and the genre “healthy lifestyle” wins. How do you marry convenience with a healthy lifestyle?

Fast forward to a unique service recently offered to the Beacon Hills Apartments in Auburn Hills, Michigan; an onsite mobile medical service bus. Mobile medical service is a new concept in preventative and urgent care medicine, offering onsite economic medical exposure to apartment owners as an added perk to their employee benefit bundle and their resident amenity package.  This is not an emergency service, but rather a doctor’s office where medical services are highly individualized, and the focus is treatment for non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses while medically supporting paths to current concepts in healthy lifestyles. Beacon Hill Apartments (www.bhapts.com ), a luxury apartment community in Oakland County, Michigan and Anlam Mobile MD (www.WellWheels.com)  headquartered in Woodhaven, Michigan, partnered to offer a unique service to the Beacon Hills employees and residents. This unique perk cost little to implement and saved time and money for both employees of the property and its residents; while drawing in the surrounding community onto the Beacon Hill property.

As an amenity to the residents and the employees, Anlam Mobile MD focuses on three primary services including: health and wellness (services that encourage and promote preventative health care such as vaccinations,  regular checkup, allergies and skin concerns), urgent care (medical care for illnesses or injuries that require attention, but aren’t life threatening), and occupational medicine (work-related injuries and illnesses that happen at work and are usually impacted by workers’ compensation). These services are supported by the latest technology designed for immediate results and information via a mobile doctor’s office. The medical staff is fully licensed, certified and multi-lingual and they also provide logistics and co-marketing opportunities for each apartment community they visit.  Signups are encouraged for the appointed date, but walk-ons are welcomed too. The Anlam Mobile MD bus parks in a designated spot on the property and opens its doors to pre-registered employees or residents for individual wellness reviews, illness and injury treatment, or physicals and flu shots.  Appointments are made online per scheduled visit or through the management office.

A large part of the Beacon Hills Apartment culture is awareness and encouragement of health and wellness opportunities for employees and residents.  The community has a tantalizing group of amenities such as a fitness center, a swimming pool, a tennis court, a volleyball court, a children’s playscape and much more. Now, Beacon Hills Apartments has added an onsite scheduled medical health option conveniently located on the property and offering quick and easy access to medical care. Anyone short on time can take note of the scheduled time of the bus visit and make an appointment for checkups, shots and lab tests, minor sicknesses and injuries, physicals for school or sport, and seasonal vaccinations. Except for the time taken to post flyers and accept questions and appointments for the bus’s visit, there is no cost to the property. Anlam Mobile MD accepts most insurances, cash and credit from employees and residents.  

The introduction of the Anlam Mobile MD bus to this community of 624 apartments at Beacon Hills Apartments was successful and enlightening; endorsing the importance of health.  “Supporting the wellness of our employees and residents is a priority for us; Beacon Hills is most successful when our employees and residents are at their best.”, offered a delighted manager.

Focusing on busy lifestyles, the medical service bus offers a unique option of availability and convenience. The bus is an affordable and sought-after amenity for any size community. The striking attribute of this medical bus as an amenity, however, is the convenience it brings to residents. From physicals for travel, school, or sports to bee bites and cold sores can be handled easily and conveniently – did we mention that convenience is one of the three biggest trends in apartment amenities?

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A unique service


According to Pillow one of the threeRead more